LIke to sing? Then come and join the Ladies Choir in Darwen  on a Thursday evening, 7.15p.m at St. Peter’s Church, Church St, Darwen, Lancashire.

Darwen Ladies Choir now enjoys working with Matthew Thomas  our latest Musical Director. Our success at the December concert will prove how well we work together.

The choir has been around for over 100 years although it was established in its present form in 1946. The choir had success as a competition choir in the 1950’s and 60’s. The Musical Director from 1985 till 2008, Bob McVean, led the choir to amalgamate with the Laurel Singers and gave it its name: Darwen Ladies Choir. He changed the focus to concerts whilst bringing the large repertoire more up to date.

At our main concerts we perform with brass or swing bands. We welcome the chance to sing at locations in the area. Members have a range of experience from recent to 65years the latter having been members of the highly successful Darwen Girls Choir.


We have sung at venues large, small, and unusual, including Bolton Albert Halls, the foyer of Darwen Library and many retirement homes. Our main  fund raising concerts are in June and December. The winter concert raises money for charity.

We are lucky to have an accomplished accompanist, Amanda Devine

If you love to sing then come and join us on a Thursday evening.

Please visit our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/darwenladies/?fref=ts